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    Hi @Eichelober and @jnL I've just created this account to THANK YOU 😃👏🏻👏🏻.

    ** English, I just translated all the thread😉**

    Eichelober I got exactly the same issue as you last weekend after reinstalling Threema and trying to recover my newest backup (old ones were working fine)

    Message was little shorter: "Backup file invalid" in my Android phone, but the solution was as described by jnL. Hereby a short description:

    • Backup was made in the SD-card of my phone.
    • ZIP File copied to my Windows laptop with USB cable and opened with 7-zip. I got CRC error. Unpack worked.
    • Old backup ZIP file copied to the same Windows system and extracted it to just copy the "ballot_vote.csv" to my newest backup.
    • ZIP new backup compressed again with ZIP, AES, Deflate and then copied back to the phone with the USB cable.
    • Threema Restore started again and Voila!. all GB data are back

    🙏🏻😺👏🏻 :thumbup: :thumbup: