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Usability requests. Issues tracker?
Since Threema's employees read this forum. Would it be a nice idea to create here "Jira/Trello board" for a different kind of requests?
I'm not security engineer or mobile one, but there are a couple security issues/question posted here. So why not to post usability requests here? Related to mobile view and usability. 

I understand that it's not relevant issue or the lowest priority question for backend team. But maybe you have free hands in your mobile team? Junior-engineer-to-be-fixed-minor-bugs? 
Or let's play around the idea to share(to open source) kind a frontend parts of iOS/Android apps. 

eg. You have a functionality to reply for particular message in chat. You can press on it and then click on quote icon to reply. Also you have a possibility to pin a chat by sliding it left. 
Would you be so kind to add reply  possibility by sliding concrete message?

Many thanks,

P.S. Yes, I submitted this to official site as well
Hmmm ... I'm trying to wrap my head around your text but keep ending up in /dev/confused.
Trying to explain.
1. What if you guys will create open issue tracker? Open trello board for example.
2. I want you to know that some things in Threema are not working good.
3. I would like to contribute.
4. I would like to see your plans for development.
5. It might be not so bad to work on usability. 
6. You have a very good product, users pays you for it.
7. As your customer, I would like to have a possibility to use you app without pain is the a**. That's why I'm posting here

Is it linear enough for you now?
(08.02.2019., 10:12)artem.nachtigall schrieb: 2. I want you to know that some things in Threema are not working good.

We know about some bugs and this is one of the purposes of this forum. By we I mean we, as users as this is not an official forum made by Threema GmbH.

(08.02.2019., 10:12)artem.nachtigall schrieb: 3. I would like to contribute.

Threema (the app itself) is not open source and not developed in a public service (like Github, for example). If you want to contribute, you maybe could ask for an application of employment at Threema GmbH.

(08.02.2019., 10:12)artem.nachtigall schrieb: 4. I would like to see your plans for development.

This could be the biggest problem. As you know, the guys behind Threema are extremely closemouthed regarding future plans or other details. For long years journalists (and we as users) tried to get informations like that. You have to be in the inner circle (= to be an employee) to get these informations.

Again, we can not have any plans as most of us are just regular users. We have ideas and suggestions. Discussing it in this forum and giving feedback to Threema GmbH - hoping that they are listening ;-)

artem.nachtigall schrieb:P.S. Yes, I submitted this to official site as well

I am sure they can help you better in this regard as we are able to do ;-)
That said, regarding Threema Web (and underlying) protocols, they are already pretty open and it is actually developed on GitHub.