Delete threema account remotely
Is it possible to delete a threema account including all chats and images from remote, eg. from another iphone or from the desktop. I have lost my iphone and want to make sure no one can access my threema account. I have a 4 digit PIN.
No, unfortunately I think it is not possible to remote delete Threema.

However, have you set a revocation password for your ID (and still remember it)? Then you may at least prevent others from using your ID in future by permanently disabling it. See
However, that means that you also cannot use your ID in future even if you have an ID backup, and need to create a new one.

If you haven’t set an ID revocation password but still have an ID backup at hand, you may set a revocation password by restoring the ID on another device, set one, and then revoke the ID using the above URL.

Otherwise, I’m not aware of a possibility to revoke your ID.