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Does iCloud make Threema correspondence vulnerable to hackers?
It's big news that iCloud may have been hacked and celebrity photos stolen. So I'm wondering if Threema correspondence is also at risk.

iOS Threema users wanting to backup their list of contacts, or wanting to export them to another device, have to backup all the data including the conversations. Depending on your setup this may be replicated to iCloud.
For practical reasons I'd prefer an export/import function to the iOS-Threema backup (Threema's Android does this better), but now I'm wondering if this is a security risk as well?

The export/import suggestion: http://threema-forum.de/thread-Daten-exp...mportieren
(03.09.2014., 08:00)ictag schrieb: Depending on your setup this may be replicated to iCloud.
This is true, but the Backup is encrypted with your Passphrase using AES-256 encryption. Depending on your Passphrase, this is very strong and practically uncrackable.
Understood. But one argument often quoted for Threema is that unlike WhatsApp the messages are not stored in the cloud.
Discussions about which encryption methods are stronger or weaker are of secondary significance.

Bottom line.. I like the Cloud, including Apple backup for stuff that is personal and not private, but I'd prefer keep my Threema conversations out of the Cloud.
Yes, I totally agree! I'm not uploading my backups in the cloud, but for me it's easier because I have Android.
Yep. Threema Android wins hands down in that respect. With Threema for iPhone it's all or nothing.

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