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Support of multiple devices
Hi team,

I carefully read and tested the proposed approach with Group Chats. Nice, but useless if I am the RECIPIENT of a message.

Being able to address more than one person at a time is the very minimum and trivial.

The interesting piece is to allow my contacts to address me, without knowing on which device I am currently active.

What do you propose here ? Use Whatsapp to notify me that I should look into Threema for their message :-) ?

I am more than happy to learn that I missed a feature ...

TXs and cheers


PS: in case I did not miss a feature, do NOT hide behind "principles". It should be the USER's choice to disclose a group composition to the Threema server - IF they wish. Not Threema dictating that such must not be done. Simply tell the users the consequnce of their choice.

You crossed the bridge of disclosure of private data and relations already anyway, by allowing to associate phone numbers and mail addresses. Rightfully so. And you offer anonymous mode in parallel - very much appreciated. Again: give the users their choice, not your's.
I don’t know why you think creating a group with all of your IDs and the IDs of a contact to receive your messages on all your devices is useless. It is awkward to do this for every contact in your contacts list, but at least it works.
If you don't mind not having every message on any of your devices, you can use the same ID on any devices. You will receive the messages on the device which has recently connected to the server.
Nevertheless those approaches are not optimal and you are not the only one wishing for a multi device support, but as long as the developers are not implementing this feature there is nothing to do except waiting. But I think they are working on it. And always remind that a conversation needs at least 2 participants which both have to agree disclosing the group composition. Ensuring this is very hard to apply.
it is useless because with their current group approach all my devices see what I write. But only the sending device sees my communication partner's replies. Bad, but not as bad as the following: using the same ID on several devices will deliver another person's messages to a random device from the pool of same ID devices. Now let us switch to the group approach: the other person's message goes only to the device that owns the group. I call that useless ...
Again: if I need stealth, I am happy to pay with inconvenience. But 99% of my cases I prefer privacy of my texts, but would not have a problem if Threema had groups of mine.
A proper approach would allow two types of groups: one like today, the second one on the server. And of course a genuine multi device support would be best in addition.


PS: my test today really showed that replies from the third party would not get to any other group member than the originator. In other words, it sets up a star like communication structure with only the group owner getting all, and other group members not seeing each other's answers to me. Weird.

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(11.10.2015., 16:49)Michael B schrieb: Now let us switch to the group approach: the other person's message goes only to the device that owns the group. I call that useless ...

Actually, no. With the group approach, the other person's message goes to all devices,
just like with a regular group. Maybe try a resync of the group?

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Funny, this link leads to a German language page ...

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You can change the language-settings here right below:
Just curious whether you're in fact German-speaking...?

Because that's clearly German:
(12.10.2015., 07:05)Michael B schrieb: Gesendet von meinem SM-N9005 mit Tapatalk
Yes, I am

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(28.10.2015., 18:40)Michael B schrieb: Yes, I am

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In dem Fall schau dir doch die große Diskussion hier an: http://threema-forum.de/showthread.php?tid=193

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