Degoogled android in DND mode: no notifications (Threema 4.7 + Threema Push)

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  • Threema app works great, just 2 little bugs:

    1. No notifications when the phone is in 'Do Not Disturb' mode.

    - Volla Phone (VollaOS = degoogled - not rooted - android 10.0) + Threema 4.7

    - Thanks to Threema Push the notifications work fine when not in DND mode.

    - Background data and unlimited data allowed

    - Threema Push activated

    - No battery optimization

    - Threema notifications priority: high

    - In android: App settings > Notifications > Threema call > Advanced > Warn + sound set + ignore do not disturb

    - When testing notifications while in DND mode: no notifications + when checking android app settings: 'ignore do not disturb' is turned off again.

    - When turning off DND mode: notifications work fine again (except the second bug below) without changing any settings.

    2. When NOT in DND mode: only notification for first message I receive.

    - Notifications for calls work fine.

    - When receiving multiple messages, I only get one notification for the first message. No more notifications now for other Threema messages I receive until I open Threema and read the messages. When I now close Threema and I receive messages again; same problem; only one notification for the first message.

    Restarted the phone several times and double checked all settings, but the above problems remain.

    Not a big problem of course, and I'm very happy with Threema Push! But if these little bugs could be fixed, Threema would be absolutely perfect on a Volla Phone and maybe also other degoogled phones.

  • Hi Christophe,

    1.) This looks like it could be an issue in the operating system and not within Threema. We cannot influence the "ignore do not disturb" setting. Unfortunately, I can't tell you what exactly in your OS might be causing this issue.

    2.) To avoid getting too many notifications from a single contact sending multiple messages, push notifications are shown only every 30 seconds for these contacts. We were not able to reproduce this on our test devices. Does the behaviour persist for multiple minutes on your device?

    Best wishes,

    Jarem Forster

  • Isn't it completely normal and the whole point that there is no acoustic notification when DND is switched on?

    I also noticed this while testing Threema Push on the first evening directly after it was activated.

    It was after 10 p.m. when DND is always active for me, also so that any calls don't wake the neighbours!

    I don't see any fault in this, certainly not from Threema.

    If I still want to chat in a situation for DND or expect a chat reply, I actively watch the display or switch it on every few minutes so as not to miss a possible incoming message.



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  • Dear Jarem and Snoopy

    Thank you for your reply!

    In the meantime I was in contact with Threema support.

    In summary: notification settings have to be set in the Threema app itself. Then notification channels could be created based on a combination of settings instead of per-chat basis so that no private data is passsed on through these notification channels. Currently there is no DND override option, but they will consider adding this in future.

    Snoopy: You are absolutely right that the purpose of DND is no acoustic notifications. However I like the possibility in Android to set an DND override for specific contacts and/or apps. I don't want to be disturbed by customers calling or texting me in the evening or on the weekends. But I don't mind some specific people calling me, and I don't mind the people I use Threema with, calling or texting me either...

    Text notifications indeed only 1x every 30 seconds by design. My mistake... and absolutely fine as it is.

    Best regards


  • Christophe: I can understand your arguments very well and am therefore happy with you if Threema makes this possible in a future version.

    Until then, I would increase the display cut-off time from 30 seconds to 5 minutes for an ongoing conversation, so that I can see the arrival of a chat message in a timely manner.

    BTW: Good to see that you have registered as a member in the meantime!

    It's a nice community here. Not only useful for problem solving.

    You are welcome! ;)



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