Problem restoring Threema Safe backups

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  • Hi.

    I'm in The United States of America and don't speak German very well at all. My apologies in advance.

    I've been usingThreema for at least 6 1/2 years or so. I've used it on iOS (primarily), but also on Android and Windows Phone.

    I test Threema using the builds pushed out through Apple's TestFlight, but I'm having a problem with two different Threema ID's (two different devices) for my daughter and wife.

    I set up Threema Safe for both myself earlier this year and carefully copied and pasted the Threema Safe backup passwords both into the app when setting up Threema Safe as well as into my password manager for safe keeping.

    I just bought both of them iPhone 11's. Their old phones indicate that Threema Safe is set up, have last backups earlier today with a Backup result of "Successful", but when trying to do a full Threema Safe backup restore, I'm getting "Restore failed – No backup found on the server. Check ID and password (response code 404)" messages for each of them.

    For my daughter, I thought maybe the password was the problem due to copying and pasting, but changed it from her old phone and was extra careful when copying and pasting to try and restore again on her new phone, but still had the same error message.

    Of course, that makes sense because the error message is not indicating that the password is the problem, but that there is no such backup for the Threema ID's.

    It seems particularly odd that I'm seeing this problem for two different Threema ID's, both of which have Threema Safe set up and seemingly working properly with successful backups. I have tried restoring the backups for both Threema ID's a few times.

    Both are/were set up using the default server.

    To be clear, I have not deleted the Threema app (and its associated data) from the old devices. I was thinking I could do that after the new devices had Threema restored and I knew all was fine.

    Any ideas how I can get the backups to properly restore on the new devices?

    Thank you in advance for any help.

    -I8Pi (I ate Pi)

  • Hi I8Pi,

    If you still have access to the older phones with the set up Threema app and the respective IDs of your wife and daughter, you should try to just change the Threema Safe password within the app on these phones. You may try it with manual typing and not copy&paste even if the generated password might be difficult to type in. After a successful password change you do can another restore test on the new phones.

    But please note, that Threema Safe is not storing any chat messages nor sent/received media files. For further information about backup/phone change see Threema's FAQ entries:

  • Hi, jnL,

    before I checked here again and got your message, that is what I did. I changed the Threema Save password again on my wife's old phone and then tried restoring the backup again on her new phone. It was successful. So, then I did the same thing again for my daughter. In both cases, I was still copying and pasting huge passwords, but it worked.

    None of what was successful explains why when I tried changing the Threema Safe password on my daugter's old phone (the first time before I posted here) using the same process, it failed. Maybe that was just a glitch or there was some slight variant I didn't catch. Not sure.